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Hey humans, my name is Hannah and i'm a mum in my mid 30's with 4 children! my full time job is a wedding photographer along side being a social media enthusiast. for the past 8 years, i have been working in the wedding industry as a photographer, which i absolutely love, but running a business as demanding as this often meant that i had to sacrifice spending time with my young family. in an effort to have more flexibility in my life, i started doing social media work, which has allowed me to spend more time with my children and go on some fantastic adventures, the most recent one being los Angeles for a month. 

when i'm not working or creating content you will often find me on tiktok sharing my crazy cooking ideas and dishing up dinner for my family.  i'm not afraid to be myself on my platforms and sometimes will catch me swear a little ( or alot! ) cooking is one of my passions!  

i recently had a newborn meaning i'm having to navigate being a mum to a tiny human all over again! 

event though i'm brutally honest at times and my children do my head in on a regular basis being a mum is my most important role and i love being able to share my journey with you all. i'm so grateful for the opportunities being a content creator have given like being able to go travelling with my children, be at home with them and watch them grow. i feel very lucky to be in this position.

and i couldn't have this chance without my epic followers who have supported me. 

I'm happy to see you
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