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My Birth Story

It's so amazing how all of our birth stories can vary from person to person. I wanted to tell you how I went from feeling stressed and unsupported during my pregnancy to having an amazing and empowering birth.

It all started when my waters broke at around 3.40am after spending the evening with my best friend taking maternity photos, running around the beach and even into the sea. I honestly believe that all of this may have caused me to go into labour. I had been trying everything to bring on labour as I was worried about ending up with a c-section or being induced. I had always struggled with the previous births to dilate without any hormone drips to speed it up. with this birth though my body knew exactly what to do. Unfortunately they found meconium in my waters which caused her heart rate to increase, so they had to move me urgently to the labour ward.
I had pervious epidurals with the previous VBACs ( Vaginal birth after cesarean ) so I had never experienced the stages towards the end of labour, however this time round labour was so fast that I didn't get the epidural and couldn't believe that I did it with gas and air. When it comes to pain I'm a bit of a wimp. so much so I use numbing cream for all of my tattoo's so it was a massive thing for me when I managed labour without having the epidural./I remember feeling exhausted and like I couldn't go on, but I pushed through the pain. listened to my body telling me I needed to push and I was able to give birth to m beautiful daughter. Despite not having the pain relief I had hoped for, I found the experience amazing and empowering. I had over come my fears of having a c section and was able to trust my body knew wha t to do. Its important to note that every birth story is unique and there is no right or wrong way to give birth. Some people may need more medical interventions than others. while others my be able to give birth with little to or no interventions. The most important thing is that she was healthy and safe.
Its so important to trust your body and your instincts. Just goes to show that not all the time things go to plan, its possible to have an amazing and empowering birth. It's important to trust your body and your instincts, and to have a supportive team around you to help you through the process. But I hope this helps anyone that may be scared or think they aren't able to do it. Honestly you've got this!
Below is some more photos which I love to look back on and tell myself I did so well and its a beautiful process!


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